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We are a development agency. We break digital boundaries to create mind-blowing concepts on the Web. Applications to make fysical processes smarter or websites that deliver uncompromising results. We are your next step to digital succes.


Little things about our company

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Digital products that move us further

We create digital products with a purpose. Wether it’s a website, webshop or service portal, we build it upon the vision of our clients. The things we build are not there to just hang around. It needs to add value for either the internal operations, the partners or customers. It can tell an important story, drive customers to the company, centralize information or connect data points throughout multiple systems. These digital products are there to move us further in ways we humans don’t have the time of capacity for. Making impact, that’s why we’re here.

Your digital partner for thriving innovation

Once we deliver a project to a new client we don’t say thank you and goodbye. We are there for the long run. The products we deliver often need maintenance and support. Our custom made service contracts support that need of assistance over a long period of time. Once our client grows, the system we created needs to able to expand aswell. That’s why we are there to stay. Because all of our products are custom-made we can easily add of remove features to ensure the product keeps up with the company itself.

We work with you, not for you

Every product we deliver is build in sprints. This means that the endproduct is divided into multiple components spread over the given time period. After each sprint (2 weeks) there is a feedback loop where we evaluate with our client what we have created sofar. At this point we can easily add or remove features or design wishes. We work with our clients, not for them. We want to ensure that our clients are close on the project, so that unexpected surprises don’t happen. Before every sprint we also advise our clients from own experience for useful features or design elements that can benefit them for the long run.

Our services

Like digital magic.

The products we make are only contained within the boundaries set by our clients. This means that in cooperation with the client we look for what he / she wants to achieve and what is possible to realize within the budget, time schedule or other limitations. The things we build as The Imagineers can be divided into the categories below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your project / product wish isn’t mentioned below.


  • Full working and visually appealing website
  • Fully custom made
  • SEO proof
  • AVG proof
  • Hosting & service included
  • Price is custom made


  • Full working and visually appealing webshop
  • Fully custom made
  • SEO proof
  • AVG proof
  • Add unlimited products
  • Hosting & service included
  • Price is custom made


  • Customer portal (ticket system)
  • Service portal
  • CRM system
  • Combining multiple existing systems
  • Your own digital solution*
  • Price is custom made

SaaS software

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Iot oplossingen

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